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So you have pre-ordered the iPhone 15 and are eagerly waiting for Apple Inc. AAPL to deliver your shiny new toy. But before you get your new iPhone, you must know the best way to transfer your photos and other data from your old iPhone to the iPhone 15.

Ensuring a smooth and positive initial encounter with the iPhone 15 is vital. Apple offers various solutions to simplify this process, particularly when transitioning from an older iPhone, aiming to make it as effortless as can be.

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iPhone 15 Upgrade: How To Transfer Photos, Apps And Other Data

1. Restore From iCloud Backup

Restoring your data using an iCloud backup is the easiest way to set up your new iPhone.

During the initial setup process of your iPhone 15, you will be presented with four options to transfer your apps and data, like photos, videos, and more.

Here, select the first option, which is ‘Restore from iCloud backup‘.

Your phone will now show you a list of iCloud backups – choose the latest one, as it will have the most up-to-date backup of your data.

Your new iPhone will finish restoring and downloading the apps in a few minutes.

2. Direct Transfer

Alternatively, you can also use the direct transfer method, but you will need your old iPhone with you.

Select the ‘Transfer Directly from iPhone’ option during the initial setup on your new iPhone. Keep both the old and new iPhones near each other, preferably connected to a charger.

Your new iPhone will notify you once the transfer has been completed.

3. Move To iOS App For Android Devices

If you are switching to the iPhone 15 from an Android phone, you can use the Move to iOS app on your Android device to transfer your apps, photos, videos, and more to your iPhone.

  • Run through the initial setup on your iPhone 15, and on the Quick Start screen, choose the manual setup option.
  • Next, tap the ‘Move Data from Android‘ option and open the Move to iOS app.
  • On your iPhone, tap Continue. You will see a six or ten-digit code, enter that one on the Android device.
  • Now, choose the content and wait for the transfer to finish.

Note that music, books, and PDF files will have to be transferred manually in this case.

4. Using A Mac Or A PC

Another option is using Finder on Mac, or iTunes on a Windows PC to restore an encrypted backup of your old iPhone to your iPhone 15.

For simplicity, let’s assume you already have a backup of your old iPhone on your Mac or PC.

  • Now, connect your new iPhone 15 to your Mac or PC.
  • Click Trust when you see a prompt and follow the on-screen instructions to select the backup you want to restore.
  • Now, enter the password of the backup file to begin the restore process.

This will create a replica of your old iPhone data, so you don’t have to sign in to any apps manually again.

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