Ukraine’s Zelenskyy Invites Trump To Kyiv Amid War With Russia: ‘If You Can Stop The War’

In a recent development, Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy has invited former U.S. President Donald Trump to visit Kyiv under a unique condition.

What Happened: Zelenskyy has stated that Trump would be welcome to visit Ukraine’s capital if he can fulfill a promise to halt the war with Russia within 24 hours, Politico reported on Tuesday.

This comes after Trump’s previous claims that he could swiftly end the conflict by leveraging his relationships with both Zelenskyy and Russian President Vladimir Putin.

The invitation was extended during an interview with U.K. broadcaster Channel 4 News, set to air on Friday. “If you can stop the war during 24 hours I think it will be enough to come to Kyiv, on any day I am here,” Zelenskyy said.

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Despite Ukraine’s eagerness to strengthen ties with the Republican front-runner and his allies ahead of November’s U.S. presidential election, Zelenskyy remains cautious.

He claimed that Russia would not have attacked Ukraine if he were still in office.

Trump, who was impeached and later acquitted by the Senate during his presidency, currently leads Biden in polling for multiple key battleground states.

Why It Matters: Trump’s claims of being able to end the Russia-Ukraine war within 24 hours have been a recurring theme. In January 2023, he offered to negotiate an end to the war, stating that it would never have happened if he were still president.

He reiterated this belief in March, stating that he could end the war in 24 hours if elected in 2024. In September, Trump praised Putin for backing his peace plan for Ukraine.

According to Real Clear Politics, at the national level, Trump held 61.4% support among GOP voters, While Nikki Haley trailed with 12% support and Ron DeSantis with 10.7%.

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Photo courtesy: The Presidential Office of Ukraine

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