Twitch Tightens Grip On Sexual Content: What Does It Mean For Streamers? – (NASDAQ:AMZN)

In a significant policy update, Twitch is now banning streamers from even implying nudity, effective immediately.

What Happened: The Verge reported on Wednesday that Twitch, a subsidiary of Amazon AMZN, recently announced an update to its sexual content policies. The new policy, which took effect on Tuesday, prohibits streamers from suggesting or implying nudity, even when fully clothed. This includes actions such as covering breasts or genitals with objects or censor bars or suggestively positioning the camera.

Twitch is also working on a feature that will allow streams tagged with sexual themes to have blurred thumbnails and allow users to filter out such content based on labeling.

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Why It Matters: This latest policy change comes on the heels of a previous update in December, where Twitch relaxed its sexual content policies to permit some previously restricted content as long as it was labeled correctly. However, after facing backlash from the community, Twitch quickly reversed part of this updated policy that allowed for “artistic nudity.”

With this new rule, Twitch is aiming to further tighten its grip on sexual content on the platform. The move may significantly impact streamers’ content and the platform’s overall atmosphere.

Further, this change reflects Twitch’s ongoing efforts to address the controversial issue of sexual content on its platform. In December, Twitch decided to loosen its previous restrictions following feedback from streamers regarding unclear policies. The move was seen as an attempt to bring more clarity and consistency to its moderation practices.

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