Trump’s Niece Warns Major Consequences For Former President’s Disruptive Behavior In E. Jean Carroll Case: ‘Donald Is Heading Into Trouble’

Former President Donald Trump is entangled in an ongoing defamation case brought by author E. Jean Carroll.

The case, currently in session in New York, has taken a contentious turn as Trump’s behavior both inside and outside the courtroom raises serious concerns about potential legal consequences.

Carroll has accused Trump of sexual assault, alleging that the incident occurred in the mid-1990s at the Bergdorf Goodman department store in Manhattan, New York.

Seeking damages of at least $10 million, Carroll claims that Trump’s public denial of her allegations in June 2019 tarnished her reputation during his presidency.

District Judge Lewis Kaplan is presiding over the case and has repeatedly warned Trump due to his disruptive behavior.

On Wednesday, Kaplan issued a warning about considering Trump’s removal from the courtroom when the former president allegedly voiced grievances about the trial within earshot of the jury. In response, Trump raised his hands in a gesture of indifference, expressing his enthusiasm for the possibility of being asked to leave.

Trump has also launched verbal attacks against Kaplan, both online and during courtroom proceedings, going as far as branding Kaplan a “nasty judge” and a “Trump-hating guy.”

Amid these legal entanglements, Donald Trump’s niece, Mary Trump, shared her viewpoint in her latest Substack post titled “TROUBLE: Donald Attacks Judge” on Saturday. 

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In a section titled “Donald is heading into trouble,” Mary Trump wrote that she spoke with legal expert Joe Gallina, who weighed in on the implications of this situation for Donald Trump. 

Gallina opined that Donald Trump’s disruptive conduct may result in severe consequences, including potential imprisonment for contempt of court.

He also suggested that Donald Trump’s attempts to appeal to his political base by portraying himself as a victim and undermining the judge’s credibility could backfire.

Furthermore, the jury could decide to award Carroll significantly higher damages than the $5 million she received in a prior trial where Trump was found liable for sexual abuse, he said. 

“In fact, I predict after witnessing the way Trump and his legal team have acted, the jury could award E. Jean Carroll a significantly higher amount than the original $5 million verdict — and it’s likely,” Gallina said, according to Mary Trump. 

“There are also a host of punishments available to Judge Kaplan to apply to Donald if he continues to act out. It stands to reason we’ll hear a description of what those might be of. Donald could face fines and even be thrown in jail for contempt if he ignores repeated warnings,” he reportedly added.

As the defamation trial unfolds, it remains to be seen how Trump’s conduct and legal strategies will impact the case’s outcome, potentially carrying significant consequences for the former president.

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