Trump’s Curious New Hampshire ‘Closing Message’ Sparks Online Ridicule And Puzzlement: ‘You Take Immunity From The President…’

Former President Donald Trump has been ridiculed for his recent “closing message” to New Hampshire voters, which took a bizarre turn.

What Happened: Trump, in a recent interview with Fox News host Sean Hannity, was asked for his “closing message to the people of New Hampshire” ahead of the state’s 2024 presidential primary.

Trump initially stuck to his well-worn slogan, “Make America Great Again,” but then veered into a plea for Supreme Court immunity in two ongoing legal cases. He referred to a 14th Amendment case that could potentially bar him from certain states’ ballots under the “insurrection clause” and a separate case seeking immunity from prosecution for alleged crimes committed during his presidency.

Trump’s critics on Twitter were quick to respond to the unexpected “closing message,” with one user noting, “His answer to a totally unrelated question. Dude is terrified. Wow. Is all he can think about.”

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Another user commented, “Out of 46 presidents, only the one speaking here needs immunity. C’mon, folks! THINK this through!”

Others questioned Trump’s need for immunity, with one user asking, “If Trump is innocent like he claims, then why does he need immunity?”

Despite the mockery, Trump’s message underscores the significance of his legal battles and the potential impact on his political future.

Why It Matters: Trump secured a decisive win in the first 2024 Republican presidential contest in Iowa on Monday, followed by Florida Governor Ron DeSantis and former U.N. Ambassador Nikki Haley, respectively. 

According to Real Clear Politics, at the national level, Trump held 61.4% support among GOP voters, While Haley trailed with 12% support and DeSantis with 10.7%.

Meanwhile, the Former U.S. President, who is facing a slew of legal cases, has appealed to the Supreme Court, warning of potential nationwide chaos if he is barred from the 2024 ballot. Trump’s legal team is calling upon the Supreme Court to overturn the Colorado Supreme Court’s ruling from last month.

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