Trump’s 2024 Prospects Dominate Conversations At Davos: ‘It’s Of Course A Great Concern,’ Says BlackRock’s Hildebrand – BlackRock (NYSE:BLK)

The World Economic Forum in Davos seems to be under the shadow of former President Donald Trump. Despite his physical absence, conversations around his potential comeback in the 2024 presidential race have taken center stage.

What Happened: Trump appears set to seal his standing as the Republican frontrunner in the first GOP contest of the 2024 election in Iowa. The former president is locked in a close battle with current President Joe Biden, as per recent polls.

The Davos delegates last encountered Trump in 2020 when he made a remarkable entrance by landing in a fleet of helicopters. His potential comeback is a key discussion topic among CEOs, financiers, and policymakers at the forum, Bloomberg reported.

BlackRock Inc BLK Vice Chairman Philipp Hildebrand reflected the concerns of European Central Bank President Christine Lagarde, stating, “You know, we’ve been there before, we survived it, so we’ll see what it means.”

“Certainly from a European perspective, from a kind of globalist, Atlanticist perspective, it’s of course a great concern.”

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Former U.S. Vice President Al Gore cautioned against assuming Trump’s victory as a foregone conclusion. He expressed optimism for significant surprises in the election outcome and warned against overrating the Iowa vote’s impact.

“I don’t think that it’s a foregone conclusion,” Gore said.

“I’ve been through the process, I’ve run four national campaigns over the years and seen it from that perspective. I’ve seen a lot of surprises over the years. Something tells me this may be a year of significant surprises. I hope it’s the case because I don’t want to see him re-nominated and re-elected.”

Why It Matters: Trump’s potential return to the presidency is a cause for concern for many. Former White House staffers have previously expressed their fears about the potential end of American democracy if Trump secures a second term. Former White House lawyer Ty Cobb has also warned about the threat Trump could pose to democracy, stating that we need to take his potential threat seriously.

On Sunday, Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.) also voiced his concerns, stating that a second Trump presidency could pose more severe threats and potentially be the “end of democracy.” He cautioned about the risks of Trump’s potential actions against his political opposition and minorities.

Meanwhile, Trump has emerged victorious in the Republican presidential caucuses in Iowa despite the state experiencing its coldest weather in 50 years.

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