Trump Berates Judge After He Was Cut Off In Closing Remarks Of $370M New York Civil Fraud Case: ‘Would Not Let Me Explain’

As the civil fraud trial against the former U.S. President wrapped up on Thursday, Donald Trump took a defiant stand against the judge while arguing his innocence.

What Happened: Trump took to his social media platform, Truth Social, arguing that Judge Arthur Engoron of the New York Supreme Court had “cut me off in Court” during the concluding arguments.

“The Judge cut me off in Court and would not let me explain that I was worth much more than the 4 plus $Billion (years ago) I show in the Financial Statements, which are conservatively done. Judge Engoron, curiously, cut Mar-a-Lago’s VALUE by a Billion Dollars, all the way down to $18,000,000 (and other assets as well!) to try and save the A.G.’s case. What is going on here? WITCH HUNT! ELECTION INTERFERENCE!,” he wrote.

According to an Associated Press report, the judge interrupted Trump and called for a scheduled lunch break after the former president had delivered an almost uninterrupted personal summation.

In the trial’s concluding arguments, Trump interrupted to defend his actions, stating, “Your honor, look. I did nothing wrong. They should pay me for what we’ve had to go through.”

New York Attorney General Letitia James initiated the trial, which has been in progress for more than three months. The lawsuit alleges Trump, his eponymous business, and his adult offspring of a decade-long plot to secure improved financial conditions by exaggerating asset values.

James aims for a $370 million fine and has proposed that Trump and his sons be prohibited from serving as corporate executives in New York. She also suggested appointing an independent monitor over the Trump Organization and imposing severe restrictions on its ability to secure new loans or assets.

“This case has never been about politics or personal vendetta or about name-calling,” James said after the proceedings concluded Thursday.

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“This case is about the facts and the law. And Mr. Donald Trump violated the law.”

Trump and his lawyers deny any wrongdoing, arguing that no one was defrauded. Trump, a leading contender for the Republican presidential nomination this year, claims the lawsuit is politically motivated.

Engoron, who presided over the case without a jury, will determine if any unlawful actions took place. Before the trial, Engoron ruled that Trump and his firm had broadly committed fraud. His verdict, including any penalties, is expected by Jan. 31.

Why It Matters: This trial is a significant legal challenge for Trump, who has consistently portrayed himself as a successful real estate mogul. A ruling against him could not only result in substantial financial penalties but also impact his political ambitions, with the presidential election looming.

The former president is a leading contender in the Republican primary race. The latest weekly Morning Consult poll asked registered voters who they would select in a hypothetical matchup of Trump versus Biden. Trump received 42% of the vote and Biden received 41% of the vote. 11% of voters selected ‘Someone Else’ and 5% selected ‘Don’t Know.’

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