Tim Cook Surprises Apple Watch Users With Personal Responses To Life-Saving Stories – Apple (NASDAQ:AAPL)

In a surprising turn of events, users of the Apple Watch were met with personal responses from Apple Inc. AAPL CEO Tim Cook after they shared their life-saving experiences with the device via email.

What Happened: Two users of Apple Watch reached out to Cook via email, sharing how their devices warned them of serious heart conditions. The alerts led to timely medical interventions, which may have saved their lives, reported Apple Insider.

Michael Gallegos, a resident of Wichita, Kansas, was alerted by his Apple Watch about an abnormal heart rate while he was asleep. Heeded by the Family Sharing feature on his device, Michael’s son Nick prompted him to seek immediate medical help. This led to the identification of an unrecognized heart ailment and subsequent surgery.

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Upon hearing the unexpected response from Cook within two hours of sending the email, Nick expressed his gratitude, according to a story told by ABC KAKE.

In a separate incident, Professor Christopher Oakley from Asheville, North Carolina, noticed unusually high heart rate readings on his Apple Watch. The data helped doctors diagnose a heart attack and perform a double bypass surgery. Oakley, too, received a reply from Cook three hours after sending his email, reports ABC 13.

Why It Matters: This isn’t the first time Apple Watch’s health features have made headlines. In May 2023, a hit-and-run survivor credited the Apple Watch’s fall detection feature for saving his life. Similarly last year, in January, a teenager in India used his Apple Watch to seek help after falling into a valley.

Despite recently encountering a temporary import ban in the U.S. due to a patent-infringement ruling, Apple persists in innovating and exploring solutions to maintain the availability of its watches to the public.

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