Tesla Steps Up To Offer Free Supercharging For A Week In Japan’s Earthquake-Hit Regions – Tesla (NASDAQ:TSLA)

Tesla Inc TSLA said on Tuesday that its Superchargers in the Hokuriku area of Japan will be available free of charge for a week, following the devastating earthquake on New Year’s Day.

What Happened: According to Tesla Japan‘s tweet, the free service starts on Wednesday and covers Superchargers in Niigata, Ishikawa, Toyama, and Fukui prefectures. It ends just before midnight on Jan. 9.

This initiative is in response to the damage caused by the Noto Peninsula earthquake, and the company urged users to ensure their safety before utilizing the charging stations.

“Due to the damage caused by the Noto Peninsula earthquake on January 1st of this year, the Superchargers located in the Hokuriku area will be freely accessible starting tonight for one week. Please use them after ensuring your safety in the vicinity,” the tweet read.

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“All of our employees pray for your safety and the early recovery of the disaster-stricken areas,” an auto-translation of the tweet read.

Why It Matters: This move is significant given the widespread destruction caused by the earthquake on Monday. As reported earlier, the earthquake, with a preliminary magnitude of 7.6, resulted in building collapses, power outages, and disruptions to transportation systems.

According to media reports, 30 people have been killed due to the natural disaster.

The Japan Meteorological Agency issued tsunami warnings for several coastal prefectures, including those where Tesla’s Superchargers are now freely accessible. The free charging service could potentially aid in the recovery process by helping residents and relief workers maintain mobility during these challenging times.

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