Russia Procured Ballistic Missiles From Kim Jong Un’s North Korea Amid Ongoing War In Ukraine: US Intel

In a recent revelation, U.S. intelligence has disclosed that Russia has obtained ballistic missiles from Kim Jong Un‘s North Korea and is in discussions to acquire close-range ballistic missiles from Iran. The missiles were reportedly used in the ongoing conflict in Ukraine.

What Happened: The White House announced on Thursday that Russia has sourced ballistic missiles from North Korea, reported the Associated Press. The missiles, which were received from North Korea, were fired into Ukraine by Russian forces on Dec. 30.

The U.S. intelligence community is also assessing the impact of the multiple North Korean ballistic missiles launched by Russia on Tuesday during an overnight attack. The missiles have a range of approximately 550 miles (885 kilometers).

It has been suggested that North Korea is looking to receive aircraft, surface-to-air missiles, armored vehicles, ballistic missile production equipment, and other advanced technologies in exchange for supplying arms to Russia.

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Why It Matters: This revelation adds to a series of events that indicated a deepening relationship between North Korea and Russia, particularly in the context of the war in Ukraine:

Last year, in October, the U.S. condemned North Korea for its alleged military support to Russia, stating that this support could escalate the conflict in Ukraine and endanger innocent lives.

Following this, in the same month, the foreign ministers of Russia and North Korea met in Pyongyang amid speculation of weapon transfers between the two countries.

In light of the recent revelations, the U.S. plans to bring up its concerns about the arms arrangement findings at the U.N. Security Council and is also considering imposing additional sanctions against individuals and entities in North Korea and Iran that facilitate weapons transfers with Russia.

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