Ron DeSantis’ Exit From Presidential Race Likely To Give A Boost To Trump, Shows Latest Poll

Following the recent withdrawal of Florida Governor Ron DeSantis from the 2024 presidential primary race, a new poll suggests a potential boost for former President Donald Trump, with DeSantis supporters in New Hampshire likely to back him as their second choice.

What Happened: A poll conducted by CNN/University of New Hampshire (UNH) revealed that 62% of likely Republican voters in New Hampshire who initially supported DeSantis would now back Trump, reported The Hill.

Meanwhile, 30% would opt for former UN Ambassador Nikki Haley. These results were released shortly before the GOP primary election in New Hampshire, an important battleground for Haley, who is currently trailing Trump by 11 percentage points according to the same poll.

The poll numbers were made public just days before voters in New Hampshire are due to cast their ballots in the Republican primary election in which Haley is looking to stage a victory over Trump.

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Why It Matters: The CNN/UNH poll surveyed 2,348 respondents, including 1,242 likely 2024 Republican primary voters, and reported a 2.8 percentage point margin of error among these voters.

DeSantis’s exit from the presidential race, as reported here, came after a significant loss to Trump in the Iowa caucuses.

Interestingly, another poll found that nearly half of Haley’s Iowa supporters would cross party lines to vote for President Joe Biden over Trump if given the chance.

This complex dynamic could potentially reshape the upcoming primaries.

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