Nightmare Before Christmas: How GTA Source Code Leak Threatens Gameplay Integrity – Take-Two Interactive (NASDAQ:TTWO)

Following last year’s hack that exposed over 100 GB of content from within Take-Two Interactive Software Inc‘s TTWO Rockstar Games’ projects, recent reports indicate that the fallout continues.

What Happened: On Christmas Eve, various channels, including Discord, a dark website, and a Telegram group previously utilized by the hackers to release Rockstar’s stolen data, were used to distribute links for downloading GTA 5’s full source code, building upon previously seen snippets.

Additionally, new Python code from GTA 6, several unpublished DLCs, such as the GTA 5 Trevor expansion and all files from the canceled game Bully 2 have allegedly surfaced, according to Insider Gaming.

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Why It Matters: Concerns are mounting about the potential for the GTA 5 source code to facilitate the development of sophisticated cheats, posing a significant threat to the game’s integrity and security.

With the leak potentially allowing hackers to exploit vulnerabilities in the game, players’ safety within GTA Online is at risk. This could lead to a hazardous gaming environment where malicious code might be remotely executed on players’ systems.

Moreover, the timing during the holiday season when developers might be on vacation could exacerbate Rockstar Games’ challenges.

Furthermore, the breach raises apprehensions about the compromised data’s potential exploitation beyond gaming, as the personal information of Rockstar Games’ employees has been compromised.

The leak of confidential employee data, including email addresses, could lead to privacy violations and security threats for the individuals affected.

Price Action: Take-Two Interactive Software Inc. is currently trading at $161.76, down 0.12% over the past 24 hours.

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