New York 2023 Cannabis Market Yearbook: How Many Pounds Sold And Licenses Issued?

How many licenses were issued in New York this year? How much cannabis was sold? And how is the local regulator addressing illegal cannabis sales?

New York’s Office of Cannabis Management (OCM) annual report delves into regulatory measures that could enhance investment prospects and provide essential insights for investors on the leading trends and critical developments in the cannabis market.

Licensing And Market Expansion

In 2023, the cannabis industry in New York, demonstrated remarkable growth, with nearly 6,200 licenses, permits and registrations issued or provisionally approved. This included 279 licenses for adult-use cultivators, 40 for processors and 463 for conditional adult-use retail dispensaries.

Additionally, 5,404 cannabinoid hemp licenses and permits were issued, contributing to the industry’s diversification. With 41 adult-use retail dispensaries already operational, the market’s expansion is evident.

Sales And Applications

The cannabis market’s vibrancy is further underscored by over $137 million in retail sales, with over 3.5 million units sold. The OCM reported fiscal year 2022-2023 saw nearly $16.3 million in revenue, with the mid-point of the 2023-2024 fiscal year already surpassing this at over $16.6 million.

Reflecting the market’s dynamism, a staggering 6,934 applications for adult-use licenses were received by the end of 2023.

Enforcement Efforts Intensify

In May 2023, new enforcement legislation significantly empowered the OCM and the Department of Taxation and Finance to combat illegal cannabis sales.

The OCM reported this led to 369 enforcement inspections, resulting in the seizure of over 11600 pounds of illicit products, valued at approximately $56 million. These efforts signify the government’s commitment to regulating and safeguarding the cannabis market.

New York’s proposed SMOKEOUT Act, introduced by Assemblymember Jenifer Rajkumar, seeks to empower local governments to shut down unlicensed cannabis businesses and seize their products, addressing the rise of illegal operators.

Licensing Process Streamlined

The licensing process for medical marijuana, cannabinoid hemp and recreational cannabis programs saw significant improvements in 2023.

Technological advancements streamlined application processing, enhancing efficiency and accuracy. This improvement is crucial for managing the burgeoning number of applications and maintaining market integrity.

Social And Economic Equity: A Central Focus

Social and economic equity remains a cornerstone of the cannabis industry’s development. The New York Social and Economic Equity (SEE) Plan was established to address the historical over-criminalization and disproportionate enforcement in communities of color.

The plan aims to provide equitable opportunities for participation and growth in the legal cannabis industry, emphasizing small business access, workforce support and local economic development.

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