Missouri Update: Cops Might Stop Sniffing Around Your Car For Weed, Crackdown On Cannabis Edibles

The 2024 legislative session in Missouri, which began in Jefferson City, has brought about important discussions about cannabis regulation.

Senate Bill 984, introduced by Senator Nick Schroer (R-St. Charles County), seeks to regulate cannabinoid products, such as Delta-8 drinks and edibles derived from hemp, under the same guidelines as marijuana.

The proposal, reported local media, would bring these products under the purview of the Department of Health and Senior Services, implementing similar regulatory measures including age restrictions.

Meanwhile, Eapen Thampy, a lobbyist for the Missouri Hemp Trade Association, argued it could harm small businesses and create an unnecessary monopoly in the state.

Missouri Police Face New Restrictions On Marijuana Odor-Based Searches

Complementing the discussion on hemp regulation, another bill, sponsored by Rep. Ian Mackey (D), seeks to reform law enforcement policies for the sector.

Marijuana Moment reported Mackey’s initiative would prohibit police from using the smell of marijuana as the sole basis for a warrantless vehicle or property search.

This move follows similar actions in states like Maryland and New Jersey and aligns with Missouri’s voter-approved cannabis legalization law.

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