Mike Johnson Unmoved By Marjorie Taylor Greene’s Threat To Oust House Speaker Over Ukraine Funding: ‘I Have A Job To Do’

House Speaker Mike Johnson (R-La.) has dismissed the threat of being ousted from his position by Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene (R-Ga.) over his support for Ukraine aid.

What Happened: Johnson, who has been in discussions with Senate Democrats and the White House regarding funding for Ukraine’s defensive war against Russia, U.S. border security, and the federal government, told CNN’s The Source that he remains unfazed by Greene’s warning.

Greene expressed her opposition to this on Fox News, stating she would file a motion to vacate the chair if Johnson continued supporting Ukraine funding. A full House vote would be required to determine the speaker’s removal.

However, Johnson remains firm against Greene’s threats, stating, “No, I have a job to do. We all have to do our jobs. Marjorie Taylor Greene is very upset about the lack of oversight over the funding and over the lack of an articulation of a plan, as am I. All of us.”

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“I’m not worried about that. I got a job to do here. And we have to make sure we get the answers that we demanded,” he added.

Why It Matters: This isn’t the first time Greene has clashed with Johnson. In December, Greene criticized Johnson’s leadership within the Republican Party, branding him as “terrible” and accusing him of betraying conservative principles. “That was the whole reason why Kevin McCarthy got ousted, was working with Democrats and passing a clean CR,” Greene said.

Meanwhile, Johnson’s insistence on stricter border controls as a precondition for considering the Ukraine aid package has been a point of contention. Johnson stated that the House will not contemplate the aid package until Democrats agree to a stronger crackdown at the U.S.-Mexico border in a meeting with President Joe Biden at the White House. “I told the president what I had been saying for many months, and that is that we must have change at the border, substantive policy change,” Johnson told the media.

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