Mark Zuckerberg Reportedly Got Upset After Mockery Of His Metaverse Avatar At Colleague’s Wedding – Meta Platforms (NASDAQ:META)

CEO of Meta Platforms Inc METAMark Zuckerberg, instigated changes in his PR team following widespread ridicule of his metaverse avatar, reveals a recent report.

What Happened: Zuckerberg took offense when his metaverse avatar, derided for its low-quality design, was mocked at former Meta COO Sheryl Sandberg‘s wedding in August 2022, Business Insider reported on Thursday. The avatar, criticized for its resemblance to ’90s video game graphics, had become a source of internet jest.

Following this, Zuckerberg, believing his PR team failed to adequately advocate for Meta’s products, instigated a reorganization within the team.

An email sent by Benzinga to Meta seeking comment didn’t elicit any response till the time of publishing this story.

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In response to the mockery, Zuckerberg later posted an improved version of his avatar, acknowledging the original was “basic.” However, his attempt to put out the fire only led to more memes and online trolling.

Regardless of the derision, Zuckerberg continues to underscore the significance of the metaverse for Meta’s future. “This is a very long-term bet,” he remarked in July after the company’s Q2 results, underlining Meta’s dedication to AI and the metaverse.

Why It Matters: This isn’t the first time Zuckerberg’s metaverse avatar has attracted attention. In September 2023, Tesla CEO Elon Musk mocked Zuckerberg’s $36 billion investment in the metaverse, sarcastically calling it a “Genius move.”

Further, a month later, Tech YouTuber Lex Fridman interviewed Zuckerberg in the metaverse, causing a wave of confusion and surprise among internet users. The interview featured “codec avatars,” which seemed more advanced than the previously ridiculed metaverse avatars.

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