Marjorie Taylor Greene Draws Flak For Urging US To Emulate Milei’s Argentina With Government Downsizing: ‘Need To Stop Electing This Type Of Ignorance’

Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene (R-Ga.) said late Tuesday that the U.S. should take a leaf out of Argentina’s new President Javier Milei’s playbook and cut back on government jobs, and the suggestion instantly drew flak from social media users.

What Happened: Reacting to a post on X, which said the Milei government was laying off 5,000 government workers, Greene said, ”This is the way and we should do the same.” She also suggested any laid-off employees could be employed by the private sector. “Release them to the private sector, there are plenty of jobs.”

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Greene Faces Flak: Her comments created an uproar among social media users. One user said the first to go should be the Congresswoman. ”To suggest that such drastic measures should be emulated is to be blind to their far-reaching, destructive consequences,” the user said.

Outlining why such job cuts could prove counter-productive, the user said it would impact the morale of the remaining employees and have a devastating effect on the terminated ones. The user also said it is “naïve” to overlook the current economic crisis in Argentina as a mere footnote, as the South American nation struggles with a ”crumbling economy with draining reserves and soaring foreign debt.”

”Administratively, trivializing the role of civil servants is a gross oversight,” the user said, adding that they are the backbone of government operations, essential to the implementation of policies and the smooth functioning of our society.

”Mass layoffs, as you suggest, are far from a viable solution….2024 elections can’t come soon enough. We need to stop electing this type of ignorance,” the user concluded.

Conservative GOP leaders such as Greene have been clamoring for spending cuts as a step to boost the government’s dwindling finances and reduce the soaring debt pile. On the other hand, Bidenomics, the economic policy pursued by President Joe Biden is focused on narrowing the deficit by measures such as taxing the rich and reducing drug prescription costs to boost income.

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