Is A Computer Science Degree Becoming Redundant? IBM’s AI Leader Weighs In – IBM (NYSE:IBM)

The Global Managing Partner for AI at IBM IBM, Matthew Candy, has suggested that a degree in computer science may not be a prerequisite for securing a role in the technology industry.

What Happened: During an interview with Fortune, reported by Business Insider on Monday, Candy stated that the evolution of AI might streamline the product creation process for those lacking technical skills.

Candy noted that the rapid expansion of AI could speed up the stages of ideation, testing, and implementation without necessarily requiring a computer science degree.

Instead, the advent of AI could highlight the importance of soft skills, such as critical thinking and creativity. Candy opined that AI has the potential to enhance creative thought processes.

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He further proposed that the growth of AI could impact sectors beyond technology, including the arts, by enabling people to undertake tasks usually performed by specialized roles like graphic designers.

His perspective mirrors the forecast of LinkedIn Vice President Aneesh Raman that an increase in AI usage could prioritize soft skills over technical ones. The IBM chief’s comments align with a Goldman Sachs report that estimates AI could disrupt over 300 million jobs.

Why It Matters: The views of the IBM AI chief are significant considering the company’s recent €2.13 billion ($2.34 billion) acquisition of StreamSets and webMethods to enhance its focus and investment in AI and hybrid cloud. The buyout is expected to add data ingestion capabilities to IBM’s AI and data platform, Watsonx.

The AI job market has also seen a surge alongside the rapid advancement of AI technology. Searches for AI-related jobs have soared, with certain roles, such as data scientists and software engineers, being in high demand.

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