Iran Promises ‘Strong Retaliation’ After ISIS-Claimed Attack Kills 84

ISIS has officially taken responsibility for the bombing that occurred in Kerman, Iran. The attack, which took place during a memorial procession on Wednesday, resulted in 84 fatalities and left 284 injured.

The procession was in honor of Maj. Gen. Qassim Suleimani, a major figure in Iranian military history.

The New York Times reported ISIS released a statement on its Telegram channel, describing the bombing as a “dual martyrdom operation.”

The report detailed how two militants, equipped with explosive belts, targeted the ceremony at Gen. Suleimani’s tomb, detonating their devices close to his burial site.

This incident, the deadliest since the 1979 Islamic Revolution, has prompted Tehran to pledge retribution. First Vice President Mohammad Mokhber promised “strong retaliation,” according to Reuters. The United Nations Security Council has condemned the attack, extending condolences to the victims’ families and the Iranian government.

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Suleimani, a prominent and controversial figure in the Middle East, was known for his role in orchestrating an alliance of Shiite groups across the region, supported by Iran, according to the New York Times. His death four years ago, resulting from an American drone strike, marked a significant moment in Middle Eastern geopolitics.

This incident has drawn international attention, raising concerns about the stability in the Middle East and the effectiveness of efforts to counteract extremist violence. 

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