iPhone 16, 17 Set To Raise The Bar With Cutting-Edge Camera Features, Reveals Top Apple Watcher – Apple (NASDAQ:AAPL)

Renowned Apple Inc AAPL observer, Ming-Chi Kuo, has hinted at significant camera upgrades in the forthcoming iPhone 16 Pro and iPhone 17 models.

What Happened: In a recent post on Medium, Kuo stated that the iPhone 17 would see its front camera lens upgraded from the current 12MP/5P lens of the iPhone 15 & 16 to a 24MP/6P lens. This improvement is anticipated to significantly enhance image quality.

The iPhone 16 Pro series will also witness an upgrade, with the addition of a periscope lens, termed as a tetraprism by Apple. The ultra-wide camera of the iPhone 16 Pro series will be upgraded from the iPhone 15 Pro’s 12MP/1.0um/(1/3.6″) to 48MP/0.7um/(1/2.6″). This upgrade is also expected to considerably enhance the image quality.

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Why It Matters: Earlier reviews of the iPhone 15 and 15 Pro focused on the USB-C port, Tetraprism camera, and the new titanium design. However, the image quality was not considered the best.

Meanwhile, the iPhone 17 was rumored to feature a new technology for its mainboard, potentially offering enhanced internal space and cost-saving benefits.

The iPhone 16 was also hinted to have molded glass lenses for a slimmer camera system and improved optical zoom. With these anticipated upgrades.

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