Health Care Company Boston Scientific Announces Acquisition of Axonics – Boston Scientific (NYSE:BSX), Axonics (NASDAQ:AXNX)

Boston Scientific BSX has announced an acquisition of Axonics AXNX that is expected to be completed 2024-H1.

Under the terms of the agreement, Boston Scientific has agreed to give Axonics $3.70 billion in cash in exchange for AXNX stock.

About The Companies Involved

Boston Scientific produces less invasive medical devices that are inserted into the human body through small openings or cuts. It manufactures products for use in angioplasty, blood clot filtration, cardiac rhythm management, catheter-directed ultrasound imaging, upper gastrointestinal tract diagnostics, interventional oncology, neuromodulation for chronic pain, and treatment of incontinence.

Axonics Inc is a United States-based medical technology company. It focuses on developing and commercializing novel products for adults with bladder and bowel dysfunction, that include implantable SNM systems to treat urinary urge incontinence and urinary urgency frequency (UUF); a urethral bulking agent (Bulkamid) to treat female stress urinary incontinence.

How An Acquisition Works

An acquisition is when one company, called the acquiring company, buys most or all of another company’s, or target company’s, shares to gain ownership. Buying more than 50% of a company’s stock allows the the acquirer to make decisions without the approval of the company’s shareholders.

An acquisition can potentially lead to a merger with the parent company, which makes it similar to a merger. This is why the two terms are commonly grouped together as mergers and acquisitions (M&A). However, in a merger, the leadership & operations of both companies usually change dramatically, while during an acquisition this is less likely to happen.

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