Gov. Newsom To Tour South Carolina And Nevada In Support Of Biden, With Focus On Rallying Rural Voters: Report

California Governor Gavin Newsom is set to embark on a three-day campaign swing, rallying support for President Joe Biden in South Carolina and Nevada. 

This marks Newsom’s first appearance on the campaign trail for the president, with a focus on engaging rural voters in key states, Politico reported.

Newsom’s Message

Speaking exclusively to Politico in an interview, Newsom emphasized the need to communicate Biden’s impact on people’s lives and finances during his three years in office. 

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The governor aims to connect with voters on a personal level, moving beyond aggregated data to address their real-life experiences, the report read.

Strategic Focus On South Carolina

Biden has strategically highlighted South Carolina on his early-state calendar, acknowledging its pivotal role in his 2020 nomination.

Newsom will participate in events for the South Carolina Democratic Party’s “We Go First” statewide tour, contributing to the campaign’s efforts to consolidate Black voters.

Las Vegas Stop

In Las Vegas, Newsom will encourage voter turnout in a state with a growing Hispanic population. With early voting set to commence on Jan. 27, the governor’s visit aligns with the campaign’s push to secure votes in key states.

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