Gaming Giant Ubisoft Reportedly Thwarts Major Data Breach: 900GB Of User Data Saved

In a recent security breach, gaming giant Ubisoft reportedly deterred hackers’ attempt to siphon off 900GB of data, which included Rainbow Six Siege user data.

What Happened: Ubisoft’s internal services fell victim to a security incursion when hackers managed to penetrate their systems. The breach came to Ubisoft’s notice two days post-incident, which allowed the company to cut off the hackers’ access before they could make off with the data, reported Engadget, citing VX-Underground. 

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As per the report, the attacker posted screenshots of Ubisoft’s internal tools online, showcasing that they had infiltrated Microsoft Teams conversations, the Ubisoft SharePoint server, Confluence, and MongoDB Atlas

However, the threat actor refrained from revealing the initial access method.

In a comment to BleepingComputer, Ubisoft acknowledged the alleged data security incident and affirmed that an investigation is underway, though no further details were offered. “We are aware of an alleged data security incident and are currently investigating. We don’t have more to share at this time.” 

Despite the hackers’ bid to seize Rainbow Six Siege user data, it remains ambiguous whether they managed to procure sensitive information before Ubisoft terminated the operation.

Why It Matters: The incident at Ubisoft indicates the escalating cybersecurity threats plaguing the digital landscape, particularly in the gaming industry. 

According to an Axios report from earlier this year, the frequency and magnitude of data breaches have increased, with 2023 data compromises surpassing those of 2022. 

As hackers become increasingly sophisticated, companies are obligated to bolster their security measures to safeguard sensitive user information and maintain trust.

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