From $200 Device Replacing iPhone To Mark Zuckerberg’s AI Chips Treasure: Here’s Your AI Weekly Roundup – Microsoft (NASDAQ:MSFT), Meta Platforms (NASDAQ:META)

The past week saw a flurry of activity in the world of artificial intelligence, with groundbreaking gadgets unveiled at CES 2024, corporate heavyweights investing billions in AI tech, and industry leaders sharing their vision for a future dominated by AI. Here’s a recap of the top stories that captured the attention and imagination of tech enthusiasts and investors alike.

A $200 Device To Replace The iPhone: In a development that could revolutionize the consumer electronics industry, the Rabbit R1 was hailed as one of the most innovative gadgets to debut at CES 2024. This AI-native device, priced at just $200, promises to usher in a new era of artificial intelligence, ranking among the top game-changers in the sector. Read the full article here.

Humanity’s Last Invention: Zack Kass, the former executive of OpenAI, shared his optimistic vision for the future of AI in a recent interview. According to Kass, AI has the potential to be humanity’s last invention, propelling us towards a future of exceptional progress and exploration of other worlds. Read the full article here.

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GPT-5 Gets Teased: OpenAI CEO Sam Altman teased the capabilities of the Microsoft Corp.-backed MSFT startup’s upcoming AI model, GPT-5, in a podcast recently. The next-generation model is expected to significantly improve advanced reasoning, accuracy, and video support, marking a “big improvement” in complex query understanding and real-world applications. Read the full article here.

Zuckerberg’s AI Chips Treasure: Meta Platforms Inc. META CEO Mark Zuckerberg hinted at a massive investment in Nvidia Corp.’s NVDA AI chips. The social media giant’s AI-focused roadmap involves the construction of a substantial computing infrastructure, which is expected to include 350,000 H100 graphics cards from Nvidia by the end of 2024. Read the full article here.

Must Seeks Greater Control: Tesla IncTSLA CEO Elon Musk expressed his desire for greater control over the company as it multiplies its AI endeavors. Musk revealed that he might consider developing AI products outside of Tesla if not given 25% voting control within the company. Read the full article here.

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