Fitness In 2024: If You’re Going To ‘Just Do It’ — Do It Together – Lululemon Athletica (NASDAQ:LULU), F45 Training Holdings (OTC:FXLV)

The echoes of the champagne corks popping have barely faded and we’re already two weeks into January — that also means that some of you who pledged on New Year’s Eve to get fitter in 2024 will be struggling through that painful fortnight barrier.

If you are struggling — don’t struggle alone. There’s plenty of evidence to suggest those who have training partners remain much more committed to the goals they set themselves.

Training partners cheer each other on, encourage you when you’re down, and celebrate with you when you’re up. Most of all, they provide company during what can be a very lonely experience.

If, however, the training’s not for you, but the investment is — keep reading as these trends for fitness in 2024 might provide some insightful investment ideas.

Get Each Other Motivated

Gym memberships are increasing — not unusual at this time of year, which is reflected in the rise in share prices of companies such as Planet Fitness PLNT.

The company says: “Having a gym buddy by your side provides an extra layer of motivation. On days when you feel less excited to workout, your partner can inspire you to push through and stay committed to your fitness journey.”

Planet Fitness has devised a range of exercises for gym partners to work out to together that focus on all areas — core, upper body and legs.

You can also share in what is forecast to be the biggest fitness trend of 2024 — high-intensity interval training or HIIT — which alternates short bursts of explosive anaerobic exercise with short recovery periods.

F45 Training FXLV is another such gym that offers classes, or community training.

Not The Gym Type?

But if the gym isn’t the place for you, you can still partner up and get fit. Peloton Interactive PTON, the home fitness brand, offers a feature called Peloton Sessions that allows users to work out together with friends or family members remotely.

Peloton recently announced an exclusive partnership with TikTok to create a dedicated hub for custom Peloton content, with users of the social media site able to access live Peloton training classes. Peloton shares jumped on the news.

As the company works towards regaining profitability, its shares are currently valued quite low. This could be seen either as an attractive entry point for investors at a very affordable price, or as a sign of ongoing financial challenges. The decision to invest under these circumstances depends on your perspective.

I’m Walking

One of the easiest ways to partner up and get exercise is to simply go for a walk, or a run if you feel so inclined. Both offer the added incentive of getting outdoors.

Investment ideas associated with this form of fitness might not seem so obvious, but decking out walkers and runners with the latest stylish equipment is a multi-billion dollar industry.

Nike NKE is the global leader in athletic apparel, and its shares, following December’s warning of softer second-half sales, might now be back at levels investors consider a good value.

Lululemon Athletica LULU has fallen in 2024, but that was following an outstanding 2023, during which its shares added 60%. It offers high-end sports apparel for the more fashion conscious workout.

Or for those walking needs, Under Armour UA is one of the best regarded brands for hiking boots and waterproof gear. Its shares could also be at bargain prices, down at $8 from their 2015 peak at over $50.

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