‘Fed Guy’ Joseph Wang Says ‘Stocks Will Absolutely Crush Bonds This Year’

Joseph Wang, frequently referred to as the “Fed Guy,” anticipates that stocks will outperform bonds in the coming years while dismissing the likelihood of a recession.

What HappenedJoseph Wang, a former senior trader at the New York Fed’s Open Markets Desk, expressed his optimism for the performance of stocks relative to bonds in the years ahead on a recent episode of the “Forward Guidance” podcast.

Wang holds the view that government stimulus and a surge in consumer spending will fuel the stock market, Business Insider reported.

“I think stocks will absolutely crush bonds this year, and I think that’s going to be the trend going forward for the next few years,” he said.

The “Fed Guy” attributes the positive outlook for stocks to the massive injection of funds into the economy, a result of extensive government spending, subsidies, and other emergency programs. “We are doing helicopter money full force, and that is tremendously bullish for the stock market and not good for the bond market,” stated Wang.

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Wang downplays the threat of a recession, citing the current economic conditions characterized by abundant cash flow and record-low unemployment. He projects at least three rate cuts within the year and anticipates inflation to stabilize around 3% in the coming years.

A boom in the housing sector could be spurred by a decrease in interest and mortgage rates, which could unlock suppressed demand for homes, Wang added.

Why It Matters: Wang’s views align with the recent bullish sentiment on stocks. Last month, a senior portfolio manager at Morgan Stanley predicted a significant leap for stocks. Andrew Slimmon, senior portfolio manager, said the S&P 500 is on the brink of a breakout as investor sentiment shifts.

Meanwhile, “Bond King” Bill Gross on Tuesday also expressed concerns about the overvaluation of the 10-year U.S. Treasury, suggesting a potential alternative in Treasury Inflation-Protected Securities (TIPS).

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