Empowering Shareholders with Growth: United Security Enhances Performance and Reports Rising Profits – United Security (NASDAQ:UBFO), Penns Woods Bancorp (NASDAQ:PWOD)

At the end of January 19, 2024, United Security UBFO will reward its shareholders with a dividend payout of $0.12 per share, demonstrating an annualized dividend yield of 5.59%. Remember, only investors who held the stock before the ex-dividend date on January 02, 2024 will receive this payout.

United Security Recent Dividend Payouts

Ex-Date Payments per year Dividend Yield Announced Record Payable
2024-01-02 4 $0.12 5.59% 2023-12-19 2024-01-03 2024-01-19
2023-10-06 4 $0.12 6.66% 2023-09-27 2023-10-10 2023-10-25
2023-07-07 4 $0.12 7.44% 2023-06-27 2023-07-10 2023-07-24
2023-04-05 4 $0.11 6.97% 2023-03-29 2023-04-07 2023-04-21
2023-01-03 4 $0.11 6.22% 2022-12-21 2023-01-04 2023-01-19
2022-10-07 4 $0.11 6.66% 2022-09-27 2022-10-11 2022-10-25
2022-07-07 4 $0.11 5.96% 2022-06-28 2022-07-08 2022-07-22
2022-04-05 4 $0.11 5.12% 2022-03-22 2022-04-06 2022-04-18
2021-12-31 4 $0.11 5.46% 2021-12-12 2022-01-03 2022-01-18
2021-10-08 4 $0.11 5.5% 2021-09-30 2021-10-12 2021-10-25
2021-07-02 4 $0.11 5.53% 2021-06-23 2021-07-06 2021-07-16
2021-04-05 4 $0.11 5.28% 2021-03-24 2021-04-06 2021-04-16

When comparing United Security’s dividend yield against its industry peers, the company sits comfortably in the middle, with its peer Penns Woods Bancorp PWOD having the highest annualized dividend yield at 6.14%.

Analyzing United Security Financial Health

Companies that pay out steady cash dividends are attractive to income-seeking investors, and companies that are financially healthy tend to maintain their dividend payout schedule. For this reason, investors can find it insightful to see if a company has been increasing or decreasing their dividend payout schedule and if their earnings are growing.

YoY Growth in Dividend Per Share

During the period of 2020 to 2023, the company experienced a notable growth in its dividend per share. The dividend per share increased from $0.44 to $0.47, reflecting the company’s focus on providing greater returns to its shareholders.

YoY Earnings Growth For United Security

The earnings chart illustrates an increase in United Security’s earnings per share, from $0.52 in 2020 to $1.16 in 2023. This positive earnings growth provides income-seeking investors with optimism, as it suggests potential for higher cash dividend payouts in the future.


In this article, we delve into United Security’s recent dividend payout and examine how it impacts shareholders. The company has announced a dividend distribution of $0.12 per share today, resulting in an annualized dividend yield of 5.59%.

When comparing United Security’s dividend yield against its industry peers, the company sits comfortably in the middle, with its peer Penns Woods Bancorp having the highest annualized dividend yield at 6.14%.

Given that United Security has experienced an increase in dividend per share from 2020 to 2023 along with an increase in earnings per share, it could signal that the company is in good financial standing and that they could be positioned to continue distributing their profits back to their investors.

To remain updated on any changes in financials or dividend disbursements, investors should closely observe the company’s performance in the coming quarters.

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