Elon Musk’s X Backtracks, Reinstates News Headlines In Shared Links

In an unexpected reversal, X, the social media platform owned by Elon Musk, has reinstated news headlines in its shared links after previously choosing to remove them.

What Happened: X, formerly Twitter, has decided to display news headlines alongside shared links again. This decision is in stark contrast to Elon Musk’s prior move in October to eliminate news headlines from user posts, reported Bloomberg.

Users noticed the reinstatement of news headlines on X this week. Musk earlier expressed that the decision to eliminate news headlines was a personal one.

Those opposing the initial decision claimed that the lack of headlines made it harder to understand the contents of news articles shared by other users or to recognize the destination of website links.

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Why It Matters: This sudden reversal comes after a series of significant changes announced by Musk, including the controversial removal of the “Block” feature and the “Tweepcred” system.

In November last year, Musk stated his intent to transform X into an ‘everything app,’ revamping the former Twitter into a comprehensive platform.

Just days before the return of news headlines, Musk encouraged users to post their best content to the ‘Highlights’ section of their profiles for better content display.

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