Bill Ackman Says Will Review ‘Work Of All Current MIT Faculty’ Including Its President And Board As Celebrity Academic Wife Faces Scrutiny For Plagued Dissertation

Billionaire hedge fund manager Bill Ackman has announced that he will now review the “work of all current MIT faculty” after his celebrity wife, Neri Oxman, was accused of plagiarism.

What Happened: Ackman made the announcement in a post on X, formerly Twitter, adding that he will include Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) president Sally Kornbluth, the university’s board and “other officers of the Corporation” as part of his review.

Ackman’s retort comes after his wife Neri was accused of academic plagiarism – the same allegations that he had leveled against Harvard’s former president Claudine Gay, which led to her resignation.

The blowback against his wife has invited a series of posts by Ackman. He alleged that neither he nor his wife were given enough time to go through the claims made against her.

“It is unfortunate that my actions to address problems in higher education have led to these attacks on my family,” he said.

Ackman is also seeking help with his decision to review the work of MIT faculty.

“We are going to need help with our review of @MIT faculty and affiliates.  Please contact Fran McGill at if your company has the capabilities to assist us,” he said in another post.

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Why It Matters: Ackman has been intensifying his crusade against growing incidents of anti-Semitism in U.S.’ elite universities in the wake of the Israel-Hamas war.

He renewed his allegations of tax fraud against MIT Corporation’s chair, Mark P. Gorenberg, saying that the mainstream media “might want to take a closer look now.”

Ackman added that if his allegations are proven correct, Gorenberg should step down as the MIT chair.

Ackman has found support from Tesla Inc. CEO Elon Musk, who has found himself at the center of controversies for making posts supporting anti-Semitic conspiracy theories.

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