Big Cup Of Mediocrity? Starfield’s Rating Plunge Hits ‘Mostly Negative’ On Steam – Microsoft (NASDAQ:MSFT)

Starfield, Microsoft Corp.’s MSFT Bethesda Game Studios’ much-anticipated open-world space game released on Sept. 6 fell short of the monumental expectations set by its extensive marketing campaign.

Despite being a new IP after two decades, the game failed to live up to the long-standing anticipation. The concept, over twenty years old, aimed for perfection, yet the end product didn’t resonate positively with players.

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The game’s Steam reviews (as spotted by Insider Gaming) plummeted to a ‘Mostly Negative’ status, indicating widespread dissatisfaction.

Initially hyped with over 13 million players on board, Starfield left many disappointed. While it holds an overall ‘Mixed’ rating from 86,425 reviews, recent feedback of 7,302 reviews leans heavily toward negativity.

Critics call it a “big cup of mediocrity” and describe it as a “game filled with nothingness.” Some players found the story generic and the gameplay monotonous, citing a lack of redeeming qualities.

Even a dedicated player who invested significant time and purchased the ‘Constellation Edition’ highlighted the game’s few positive aspects.

Meanwhile, the game holds a generally favorable score of 83 on Metacritic, aggregating 90 critic reviews.

However, user ratings, totaling 11,398, present a more mixed or average perspective, highlighting the divergence between critics’ assessments and player experiences.

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