Biden Vs Trump, Kim Jong Un Artillery Fire, Marjorie Taylor Greene Racts To Stock Trading Data And More: This Week In Politics

This weekend brought a flurry of news, from political chess moves in the upcoming presidential race to unexpected military actions. In the domestic political arena, celebrities and former White House lawyers weighed in on the ongoing Biden-Trump saga. Meanwhile, international tensions escalated as North Korean military fired coastal artillery. On the economic front, congressional stock trading was in the spotlight as reports emerged about lawmakers’ market gains. Here’s a quick roundup of the major stories.

Mark Cuban’s Strategy Advice for Biden

Billionaire entrepreneur Mark Cuban suggested that President Joe Biden could benefit from revisiting former President Donald Trump’s playbook. Cuban expressed on X, formerly known as Twitter, his wish for Biden to publicly advocate for Trump’s inclusion in the presidential race, and thank him for his ‘playbook’ on staying in office. This comes as 2024 election year commences with Biden and Trump leading their respective parties’ primary races. Read the full article here.

Ex-White House Lawyer Predicts Trump’s Legal Defeat

Former White House counsel, Jim Schultz, anticipates a swift defeat for Trump in his ongoing immunity claim. Schultz, who served during the Trump administration, commented in a CNN interview that Trump’s claim is likely to “swiftly” fail as a case concerning Trump’s attempts to overturn the 2020 election proceeds to the District of Columbia Circuit Court. Read the full article here.

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North Korean Military Fires Coastal Artillery

North Korea’s military, under the leadership of Kim Jong Un, fired over 200 rounds of coastal artillery, triggering South Korea to issue evacuation orders for civilians on Yeonpyeong Island. The artillery fire, which took place in a northwestern island region, is considered a violation of the 2018 Inter-Korean Military Agreement. Read the full article here.

Trump’s Financial Ties With Foreign Governments Disclosed

A report by House Oversight Committee Democrats revealed that former President Trump’s businesses received up to $7.8 million from foreign governments during his time in office. Mary Trump, the former president’s niece, underscored the significance of this disclosure, stating it poses a threat irrespective of the 2024 election outcome. Read the full article here.

Marjorie Taylor Greene Responds to Stock Trading Report

Congresswoman Marjorie Taylor Greene (R-Ga.) dismissed claims of her making significant market gains through stock trading in 2023. Greene clarified in a Fox News interview that she doesn’t own any stocks and the reported earnings were from her son’s account. She also questioned the accuracy of the report’s source, Unusual Whales. Read the full article here.

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