Apple Watch Sidesteps Looming Ban, Cupertino Giant Outshines Samsung In Sales, Tim Cook Shows BTS Of Vision Pro: This Week In Appleverse – Apple (NASDAQ:AAPL), Masimo (NASDAQ:MASI)

This past week was buzzing with stories about Apple Inc. AAPL. From securing the pole position in global smartphone shipments to navigating tricky patent disputes, the tech giant was nothing short of newsworthy. Here’s a quick round-up of what you may have missed over the weekend.

Apple Outshines Samsung in Global Smartphone Shipments. The iPhone has claimed the top spot in global smartphone shipments, marking a significant achievement for Apple. After 13 years, Samsung’s reign at the top has been comfortably snapped by Apple, according to data from IDC. Apple’s success comes despite a broader slowdown in the global smartphone industry. Read the full article here.

Apple Watch Sidesteps Looming U.S. Ban. In response to an impending U.S. ban, Apple has decided to sell versions of its latest watches without the blood oxygen feature. This strategic move is meant to protect sales in the U.S. The decision comes in the wake of an intellectual property dispute with Masimo Corp. MASI, a medical device company. Read the full article here.

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Tim Cook Shows BTS Of Apple’s Next Big Bet: The Vision Pro. Tim Cook, Apple’s CEO, shared a behind-the-scenes video of the manufacturing process of the company’s “spatial computing” device, the Vision Pro, just as pre-orders went live. From machine-cut glass panels to fine threads weaving the band, the video provided a first glimpse into the production of this much-anticipated device. Read the full article here.

Masimo CEO’s Take on Apple Watch’s Blood Oxygen Monitoring Feature. In an interview with Bloomberg TV, Joe Kiani, CEO of Masimo Corp., expressed his belief that Apple Watch users are better off without the blood oxygen monitoring feature, which Apple has disabled on its latest smartwatches due to a patent dispute. Read the full article here.

No Netflix for Apple Vision Pro. The imminent launch of Apple’s Vision Pro won’t feature a Netflix Inc. NFLX app. This development could be setback for Apple, given its focus on entertainment content for the new device. However, Netflix has recommended users watch its programming via the web. Read the full article here.

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