Apple Supplier TDK Takes A Leap With Groundbreaking Battery Tech Set To Transform Smartphones – TDK (OTC:TTDKY)

The global leader in smartphone battery supply, TDK Corporation TTDKY, which also supplies for Apple Inc. AAPL, is causing a stir with its groundbreaking battery technology.

What Happened: TDK’s new line of smartphone batteries is catching widespread attention. The company’s goal is to revolutionize the smartphone market by offering greater power in increasingly thinner devices, as per a recent Bloomberg report.

TDK CEO Noboru Saito revealed that TDK has applied a new technological innovation to smartphones, an approach that competitors have generally used to enhance electric vehicle mileage. The small-scale lithium-ion batteries use silicon electrodes, a product of their Hong Kong-based subsidiary Amperex Technology.

Currently, TDK stands as the sole mass producer of silicon-carbon batteries for smartphones. This pioneering development has piqued the interest of smartphone manufacturers looking to acquire a competitive upper hand with ultra-thin designs enabled by high-capacity batteries.

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Reportedly, the new battery boasts a 10% higher capacity than the traditional graphite anode batteries. However, industry researchers hint that the technology could potentially augment capacity by 40% or more. This rise in capacity could improve battery life in various devices, including mobile gaming devices, wearable tech, and AI-related instruments.

Despite a stagnant growth in smartphone batteries, CEO Saito predicts that the new products will account for a double-digit percentage of the company’s total smartphone battery sales volume in the coming few years.

Why It Matters: TDK’s battery tech innovation comes on the heels of a significant collaboration with Apple in India. The partnership aimed to produce battery cells locally for iPhones assembled in the country. The production, expected to start within 12-18 months, marked a major win for Cupertino.

Post acquiring Hong Kong-based Amperex Technology, TDK set up a facility over 180 acres in Haryana, India. This move positioned TDK to supply cells to Sunwoda Electronics, Apple’s existing Li-ion battery assembler that currently imports cells from global markets.

The new battery technology could potentially further strengthen TDK’s relationship with Apple, providing a competitive edge in the rapidly evolving smartphone industry.

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